The Credit crunch trip 11th Jan/14th Jan 2009 arrival day 1

Author Topic: The Credit crunch trip 11th Jan/14th Jan 2009 arrival day 1  (Read 869 times)


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The Credit crunch trip 11th Jan/14th Jan 2009 arrival day 1
« on: January 15, 2009, 04:20:30 PM »

We are back!  The good news is that it is possible to go very cheaply.. however the bad news are the photos are pants.. but will let you have what I have got..  :oops:

Anyway, the holiday was a surprise trip for the kids. So we woke them up at 3.45am to get them dressed and in the car.  We took the eurotunnel crossing at 06:14 and got to Davey Crockett just about 11am.  We were slightly alarmed as on the trip down, we could see the temp dropping and it actually got to minus 10degrees.  Yikes, that is pretty cold!

When we got the tickets etc, we drove down to the village centre and had a munch on the sarnies I had made, we were ready to go to the park at about 12ish.  We headed straight to the Studios which was quite busy.  The weather was cold but bright, and straight to the rockin rollercoaster for my 8 year old daughter.  She was just too small last year, and we had real tears but this year was a different story.  A few rides later, and after a hot drink... we decided to head back to the cabin for an early night as we were really tired.  Now given the main aim of the trip was to do a cheap stay, we managed a trip to the studios with just 3 drinks costing approximately 7 Euros in total.  That night I cooked sausage and mash (prepared and stuck in a cool box) and bought my trusty frying pan so that we could have some lovely sausages.  A few glasses of wine, and an early night.. ready for day 2!  

More to follow...
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