Staying in Santa Fe full board standard. Can you recommend restaurants?

Author Topic: Staying in Santa Fe full board standard. Can you recommend restaurants?  (Read 1190 times)


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My 3 year old son, husband and I will be staying in hotel Santa Fe in December and have booked a standard full board meal deal and have a few questions ai hope someone can confirm.
Can anyone confirm if we can have breakfast anywhere other than our hotel?
Can we swap a buffet meal for a quick service meal?
Also, I believe there are only 5 buffet restaurants in the theme parks. Can we also eat in the other hotels buffet restaurants if need be?
Is there anywhere we cant use our vouchers (apart from table service restaurants)?
Finally, can you recommend any buffet restaurants suitable for a fussy 3 year old?
Thanks in advance and apologies for all the questions but I am finding very little information on the Disney paris website!


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In all the buffets we visited there was a section aimed at children with a selection of chips, sausage rolls, nuggets etc. I haven't been to every buffet mind but imagine it is customary given there are so many young families. You can always ask to check specific ones when you get to your hotel.

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You can use your vouchers at pretty much any disney restaurant but may have yo pay a supplement if they aren't included on your mealplan   I reccommend billy bobs in the village. The food range there is good. If your child is fussy avoid agrabah cafe. Plaza gardens is prob. Your best choice for an in parks buffet. Our favourite one is the parkside diner in the hotel new York. Youd pay a supplement here but the food was awesome

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I would recommend Billy Bobs in the Village and Plaza Gardens in the park as there are plenty of options for a fussy eater (like me. I've even tried stuff I wouldn't normally eat just cause I can go and get something else if I don't like it)