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Re: Disneyland Paris Jobs - Casting news and tips
« Reply #3165 on: December 19, 2015, 07:29:45 PM »
Hello everyone!

So, I received an email inviting me to their Recruitment Day in Lisbon, in January.
I have been doing some search online, and I found out that they require conversational French.
Now I am scared, because my French it's really basic, I cannot maintain a conversation.

Tell me about your interviews. How is it? What questions have they asked you and in what language?

I cannot learn French in a month, but as least I could study the most frequently asked questions.
Thank you so much!

I think for the non-entertainment jobs, you will need French speaking skills. Greetings, hello, is everything okay, the nearest toilet is over there (points with two fingers).

For entertainment casting, I believe this is less so. Especially for non-face characters I read that only an understanding of basic phrases is required. After all, you can't reply.

As someone who struggles speaking even in his native tongue, that is a massive win.

My recommendation is to install Duolingo on your phone and try to do as much every day. Augment this with youTube tutorials for tricky bits (numbers, conversational manners etc).

(Best) 15 minutes every day > 30 minutes every other day > 60 minutes every four days (Worst)


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Re: Disneyland Paris Jobs - Casting news and tips
« Reply #3166 on: January 28, 2016, 12:17:39 PM »

I'm a costume student studying in the UK and my dream job would be working in Disneyland's wardrobe department. Does anyone know if any of the parks offer work experience or intern ships?

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