Trip report 30th of sept -5th of oct

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Trip report 30th of sept -5th of oct
« on: October 21, 2018, 05:06:39 PM »

We were super excited  for this trip as it was a year and a hlf since our last trip. Party was myself and my son 9, my sister and her 2 boys 6 and 9. We had booked the clayton hotel park and stay cause we had a very early flight the next morning.

Saturday 29th of october:
 We got up early and went to portarlington cause Calum had gymnastics and since portarlington is on the way to dublin tara and the boys came with us, so we could head straight to dublin afterwards. While at gymnastics jamie (6) complained that his shoes were hurting him so Tara's husband drove over to meet us with his old ones. So much for saving time ;D.
After gymnastics we stopped at a service station and had some lunch and then made our way to the Clayton. Found parking really easy we were delighted because it can be hard sometimes to find parking there. The room was lovely, we could see the planes flying in and out. The boys were super excited and played for awhile in the room. I showered and changed Cal before going to the bar for a drink to wait for our early dinner reservations. We booked it for as early as possible so we could get an early night. So at 5.30 we went in for our meal. The food was really nice and we were served quiet quickly. We went back to our room afterwards and the we all changed into our pjs. We remembered that we had bought disney tsum tsums and squiggies for them. We got 3 pks and each bag had 8 so we decided to put them into a bag all together and let them each pick out 1 in turns. This was so much fun the boys really enjoyed it.
This time instead of just bringing snacks we decided a few weeks before to do out individual bags for the boys each day that they packed themselves. We had bought them light avengers bags. This turned out really well cause usually we just bring the one bag with snacks, but they were able to put their own bags each night into their bags for the day, which they loved.
The boys played with their toys and ate their snacks from their pre packed bags  ;D. While myself and Tara had a glass of wine. We were very good this time and settled down to sleep around 10pm. I got it hard to sleep cause I was so excited but before i knew it, it was 3am and my alarm was going off  :). We called the boys and they were up in second all excited to go to disneyland. We got dressed and headed out for the bus which was waiting for us and headed to the airport. When we got to the airport we checked in and had breakfast. Before we knew it we were on the plane and heading for disney.

Sunday the 30th of Sept:

We had booked prestige private transfer an he was waiting for us at arrivals. He brought us straight out and into the bus, put on a dvd for the boys which they loved and we were on our last stretch of our journey to disney. We were nearly there and we were so excited. We love this company, we always use them and would definitely recommend them.
We were going along and all of a sudden cal shouted oh look theres the balloon. Were here were here.

We were staying in new port bay compass club. We arrived around 10.30am and headed straight for reception to check in. A lovely C.M checked us in and asked if we had been before which we had so he explained the bits we mightn't know. He was really nice and even chatted to the boys and gave them chocolates. Our room wasn't ready so they took our bags gave us our passes and our voucher for our photopass. So we went into the shop to pick it up and the boys bought pens. They didnt need books cause they had made their own and off we headed.

 We went straight to earl of sandwich cause we were all quiet hungry at this stage. We all had ham and cheese sandwiches and alex got wedges. The sandwiches weren't as nice as they were before cause there was something sweet on them, but we just eat them anyway. We probably should have requested them plain but we will know for next time.

Normally when we go to disney we would head straight to the main park but because this was the last day for the summer of superheros we had planned to go to studios to get as much of it done as possible. So when we got to studios there was a huge queue for the marvel show. We joined it cause we really wanted to see it but we weren't sure if we would get in cause the queue was so big. After a few minutes the queue started to move. The C.M came and stopped the queue about 5 people behind us and said it was full. We were so delighted what great start. When we got into the theatre, myself and cal sat in on a seat and as Tara and the boys were getting in a lady pushed her kids in infront of her. We tryed to explain we were together but she didnt understand or choose not to, but it worked out for the best cause they got put up at the front row and had great seats.  The show was absolutely brilliant and we all loved it. After the show we strolled around looking and taking photos of all the avengers statues.
After this we decided to do ratatouille cause it was ment to be clised for the rest of the week. When we got there the queue was very long so we checked for fast passes and got some for 4.50. So we decided to do parachut drop which is one of our favourite rides and we were delighted to do it first. It was a very hot day so we sat in the sun for abit taking in the atmosphere and eating some snacks while we waited for our time to do ratatouille. When 4.50 came we went to ratatouille we still waiting about 10 mins. Alex said I thought we were using fast passes and we all laughted. We love ratatouille and were delighted we got the chance to do it but little did we know at the time that we'd get more chances to do it cause it didnt close at all while we were there.

The queues were quiet long because it was a sunday and the boys decided that the next ride they wanted to do was pirates sk we headed to the other park. When we got to the other park people were standing around for the parade so we walked the side way and didnt get to see the castle properly. When we got to pirates it was closed and we were getting tired cause at this stage we were up about 15 hrs at this stage so we sat for awhile just at the pirates ride. After a few mins we noticed people walking towards the ride so we looked and it was reopened. We walked straight on. This was our first time to do it since the refurbishment and we loved it even more than berfore. The boys loved that jack was now in it and thought that jack in the barrel was real. Alex asked how he gets to go to the toilet and we said maybe thats why they close it down  ;D.

We went into the shop, got our picture on the photpass and had a look around. The boys were pritty tired at this stage
And complaining about sore feet. We had secretly booked the marvel meal for 6.30. The boys didnt know about it. So we decuded to walk slowly to hotel new york. We had the boys trying to guess where we were going to eat. When they realised it was the marvel meal they were delighted.

As soon as we got in there, the boys took off their shoes as there feet were sore. When we got up to the counter the C.M was lovely. She was chatting the boys and asking them why they had no shoes on. We went to the counter and paid and then she realised she was our C.M and she said im delighted im looking after we guys. We stopped on the way in to take pictures of the iron man statue. She told us all to get in and she took a picture of us all. She then said how much she liked my phone and how clear the pictures were. She showed us all the buffet and showed us to our table. The restaurant was very quiet with only 3 or 4 other families. She  got us our drinks and explained hiw the meet and great works. Tara and the boys went up to get their food and another C.M came to see if wecwere ready to meet the characters. I told him that the others were gone up to get food so he said he would be back in about 10 mins. Tara and the boys came back and I brought cal up to get food. The C.M came back and it was our turn to meet thor and captain america. When we got there another family were just finishing off their meet and greet and I realised that we had forgotten the boys books so I went back to the table to get them. When it was our turn the meet and greet waa absolutely brilliant. Straight away they were chatting the boys and asking them who their favourite characters were. When they say their books they was amazed by them and commented how goid they were and said well done. When they were finished signing the books they handed them to the C.Ms at the side and they were also looking at them and commenting how good they were. There was a photopass photographer their taking photo and I was also taking some with my phone. Myself and Tara were then asked to get into the photos so ghe C.M took my phone and took photographs with it. He took a photo and then laughed and then said hold on I'll take that again. We found them all the be in great form laughing messing and joking. Not sure if it was because it was the last night of it but it made it all more fun. Thor and captain America got great crack out of the boys especially jamie. We went back to have our meal and I took some photos of the boys. I then decided to look back at the photos as I was doing this the C.M was taking to the boys and making sure they eat all their food when i noticed the C.M that had took my phone had taking a selfie of himself and the other C.M. As I seen it I laughed out loud and I ghen had to explain to the girl what I was laughing at. She then explained to me that they were also thor and captain America.
She said they are alot of fun and that now I have a pucture with them all. The food was lovely we all had burgers and hot dogs. Cal had salmon and bread. Afterward the boys got biscuits cake pops and sweets. The guy came back and asked us if we would like to meet black widow. We said yes and when we went out she was there with Thor. She was really nice and chatty with the boys and thor remembered them. She signed the books and we got more photos. We went back and finished our desserts.  At this stage we decided to head back to the hotel and not go back to the park for illusions because we were too tired. On the way out thor and captain America seen tbat we were leaving called the boys over and started to chat them again. They gave them all high 5s. It really made the experience special.

We walked back to the hotel slowly. Went into reception and found out what room we were in and went up to our room. Our bags were in our room when we got there. We unpacked our bags which was easily done as we had our clothes packed in bundles of what we were wearing each day.  We sat down and had a glass of wine which we had brought with us from home and the boys played for a while,  but it wasnt long before we all went to sleep for our next day in disney.

The CMs selfie  :)

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Re: Trip report 30th of sept -5th of oct
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Hi just wondering if you what quick service breakfast in parks is or where it is ?