Quick Service Breakfast

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Quick Service Breakfast
« on: January 13, 2018, 08:30:40 pm »
Hi guys,

So we have the free half board for our next trip so we will get a breakfast voucher to use in the park.

Now, Iím a bit confused by some of the things Iíve read recently so Iím hoping some of you will know more!

How I understood it was that if you want the breakfast burger option, you can only get that in 1 place (used to be cafe Hyperion but now I believe itís En Coulisse in the studios) but if you were happy to just get the continental Ďsweetí breakfast (2 pastries, juice, hot drink) then there were other restaurants you could use your voucher such as in Pizzeria Bella Notte and Market House Deli.  However, I saw someone say that your voucher could only be used in 1 restaurant (currently En Coulisse) regardless of which breakfast option you want.

So what has been your experience recently?  Iím really hoping we can grab the quick breakfast in the park!!  I know some hotels are also doing the grabínígo breakfast but we are staying at the ranch so it might not be available there.  And driving down to the main area to collect it each morning would be time consuming. All info appreciated!

And the juice you get with your breakfast in the parks, is it in a lidded cup (like a McDonaldís type drink cup) or is it in a screw top bottle like Tropicana?  Just wondering if we can chuck them in our bag for later!  Thanks