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Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / First solo trip!
« Last post by Tai on Today at 10:20:40 pm »
I haven't been on here in like a year or so and I've deiced to go to Disneyland Paris next week to take some time out of university as I'm soo stress so I've deiced do a Solo trip to Disneyland Paris. Never done one before and I'm in my mid 20s so how much money should I take? I thought like 300 euros or so is that enough? I'm staying off site and I hardly eat so I assume that's should be enough. I thought about going to the hypermarket and buying drinks and food to take into the park with me.Also has anyone used before? I thought about buying a 2 x 1 Day 2 Park Ticket as it works out cheaper but it wont allow me to add to tickets to the basket.

Thanks in advice!

119 days for me ... although if you ask my little boy he'll tell you we're going tomorrow xxx
Disneyland Paris Trip Reports / Re: disneyland paris visit
« Last post by Thebigtesh on Today at 10:27:41 am »
I find the replies very interesting and there are some very valid points being made. As I said we normally visit around 15th November for Xmas season but could not make November so went January instead  the points being made about out of season are a valid point but please remember we paid same price as we would have paid in November Xmas season so we were not charged out of season price. Couple this with the stopping of breakfast in price then not a cheaper price at all really, I love Disney and will try and go every year canít imagine not going to be honest but the price and breakfast now having to be paid for on top I really am not sure that prices Are a true reflection of what you actually get as I said earlier lots less every year I like dreams but not a true replacement for fantallusion and stars not a very good replacement for Xmas parade in my opinion as for Disney shops surely they should be stocked all year round as I said earlier this year there was very poor selection

Littlebitofpixiedust- I was fuming, you shouldn't do it to any child but my youngest is a lot more sensitive shall we say so it upset her, if it was my eldest she'd have probably flattened them! She doesn't do people touching her plus she very good at certain languages i shall say so would've probably said something back.

Slimy yet satisfying- we tried to get tickets for new year party but after reading reviews and listening to those who were there I was glad we didn't especially due to weather and a lot of them saying it's nothing like Halloween, no rides or any real atmosphere. I did watch the parade on periscope. I'm hoping Easter will be more magical when we go.
I agree that the rain was dreadful at New Year. After an awful queuing system to get into the main park for the party we were all made to walk around to the back of the park in the pouring rain backstage through some very poorly lit areas. We were herded along soaking wet unable to stop undercover anywhere because of the volume of people behind us and CMs  not allowing people to stop. It was ridiculous. By th time we were permitted to stop it was IASW and we were soaked for the rest of the evening. The queues were huge. There was little extra entertainment. The main parade floats broke down so was a long wait with performers stopping. Stood beside Constellations for the midnight fireworks and the bloomin background music speaker wouldnt go off so nobody could hear the music to go with the fireworks. Zero help from CMs who also looked peed off and were soaking hiding under trees. Definately will not be returning at New Year again. Lacking in magic for me.
Disneyland Paris Trip Reports / Re: disneyland paris visit
« Last post by Slimy yet satisfying on Today at 09:29:15 am »
Here's hoping that the new indoor space will be multipurpose. I too enjoyed the Lion King, Mulan themed and Christmas Ice show so hope that many different types of entertainment will be able to be shown there. We have lots of "raised stage" venues it would be great if this one could have the potential for a water or ice skating based show. They do lots of "Disney on ice" shows now so its not impossible to imagine.
Enjoyed reading your trip report  :)
Not good with the rain but glad you still managed to get out and enjoy some magic!

I couldn't believe someone grabbed your child like that you must've been so angry! I can however believe about people pushing and not waiting in line it infuriates me sone think they're more important than others!

I love the sequioa lodge too.
Disneyland Paris Trip Reports / Re: disneyland paris visit
« Last post by claire2281 on Today at 08:34:28 am »
Going 3rd week of January is obviously very different from going during Christmas season.

Animagique is closed because Mickey and the Magician doesn't run during January-March. They use this time to employ and rehearse new performers and do any maintenance on the theatre.

The Castle Stage was being rethemed back to the 25th anniversary and the Happy Anniversary show is returning. There'll only be one show there until at least April - presumably partly because the weather stops them and partly because they save money on performers who are being used elsewhere whilst Season of the Force is on. Once the Pirates and Princess festival starts there'll be more entertainment in DLP.

The Chapparal theatre is now closed as it's due to be demolished and turned into a completely indoors performance space without huge pillars blocking the view. Losing it for 18 months is disappointing but it will be worth it in the end.

The main thing I miss from the past is Fantillusion and I'd love to see a night time parade return to the parks but the Dreams/Illuminations style night time shows are a significant step up from the fireworks shows of before.
Disneyland Paris Trip Reports / Re: disneyland paris visit
« Last post by littlebitofpixiedust on Today at 01:38:48 am »
I understand what your saying unfortunately visiting of peak has its downfalls, less shows probably less characters and they do more refurbishments.

But we've been visiting since the park opened and I'm now 30   :-[ and I think they've had some really big improvements especially this last year, re-introducing characters to the hotels was great. Forest of enchantment/frozen sing along both brilliant additions and as posted above Disney dreams and now illuminations which we didn't used to have. There are way more characters in the park than previous years we've visited. Ratatouille and crush both great additions. Mickey and the magician also (though I'll miss animagique!)

I think DLP is up and coming so don't be to disheartened!

The lion king show was amazing! I cried!

Prices have gone up i can't argue that.... I'm hopefully dlp will continue to improve it's just a shame there seems to be less on during of peak times but then again prices are consistently lower. I guess there's positives and negatives for going at a quieter period vs a busier one.

I am there March 19th-22nd and am available to sponsor people.

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